00 Highlights of Meeting at HESCO on 17th August, 2013
Highlights of Meeting at HESCO on 17th August, 2013

Preliminary meeting of 20 experts from various governmental and non-governmental institutions took place at the HESCO headquarters at Shuklapur, near Ambiwala, Dehradun. 

To address the immediate concerns of the affected population of Uttrakhand the following basic decisions were taken unanimously-

  1. The basic decision taken was to build a model MID TERM SHELTER (MTS) home at HESCO using locally suitable raw material which could be made useful for various geo-climatic conditions of Uttarakhand with minimal modifications according to locally available material.
  2. The building process would involve a simultaneous training in Mid Term Shelters of local masons drawn from all affected parts of Uttarakhand.
  3. Once the Model house is ready for demonstration, a decentralized and simultaneously run training would begin at different locations for making locale specific MID TERM SHELTERS, say 6 at the most.
  4. These 6 models will have the same simultaneous masons’ training done at these locations.
  5. Two Mid Term shelter models were presented. One by Rajesh ji of PSI and another by Rajendra Desai of NCPDP.
  6. A parallel strategy for permanent Shelters will be drawn once the sites have been selected.
  7. Models for permanent shelters will be created in selected sites. Decentralized production and mason training will be linked to this process.
  8. A week long survey will be done in the first week of September to select the sites where we would build MTS, , understanding of local materials and skill status, road accessibility- govt. plans

Geological report for site selection is essential and this will be part of site selection criteria.


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