Message from Chairperson

In our society, there are many traditional beliefs that no longer align with modern values, especially considering the impact of technological advancements. One such area needing attention is the personal hygiene of rural women. Over the years, while working closely with national and UN agencies on adolescent issues, the Amar Ujala Foundation (AUF) has felt the urge to move beyond mere advocacy and awareness building.  We took a significant step by initiating a pilot project for the production and marketing of sanitary napkins, all managed by rural women themselves. The chosen location, Sangel village in Nuh district of Mewat region, Haryana, posed unique challenges due to prevalent taboos around women's personal hygiene.

We have been able to connect with residents of incredibly remote locations and spearhead a number of social initiatives aimed at improving society. Shabd Samaan, one of AUF's key initiative, was started to honor and promote the diversity of Indian languages and our cultural heritage. Atul Maheshwari Scholarship, another significant AUF initiative, aims to assist students who have a passion for learning but are constrained by a lack of funds or resources. Aparajita, AUF's women empowerment initiative, conduct activities that attracted over ten thousand women and adolescent girls. Vocational training, awareness sessions, and workshops on self-assurance, legal information, career counselling, and other crucial subjects were among these initiatives. Police ki Pathshala aims to create awareness in young students regarding the law, civil rights and social responsibilities.

As the pandemic's uncertainty fades, our nation is motivated to enhance its citizens' access to healthcare and overall well-being. One of AUF's special initiatives has been providing free healthcare services to underprivileged communities in remote rural areas. It gives me immense pleasure to also announce to everyone about the Bal Film Mahotsav, another AUF flagship program. The program's goal is to educate adolescents by showing them impactful and inspirational films.

Through AUF, we hope to improve the lives of marginalized communities and bring about positive changes. I have faith that AUF will carry on changing lives and staying committed to providing for their fundamental needs.