00 Action Plan on August 27th after meeting the Ground NGOs
Action Plan on August 27th after meeting the Ground NGOs
  1. AUF is preparing to build MTS in around 20 villages. NCPDP and Tran have finalized a design that utilizes local material.
  2. HESCO is responsible for organizing grassroots NGOs and these would select 20 villages
  3. A model MTS is being built at HESCO from Sept.15. Around 20 local masons would be there to for training, these would be brought by local NGOs
  4. In the second stage 5 more MTS would be built at select villages where these trained masons would build the MTS and more local masons would be trained thus creating a reasonably good number of trained masons.
  5. This army of trained masons would then build MTS that would have an ownership model of building where the local material like stones and wood would be procured by the house owner, though s/he would be compensated for the cost/labor involved.
  6. HESCO & NCPDP are offering their services voluntarily; logistics is taken care of by HESCO and local NGOs.
  7. We are targeting to build 150 MTS in the first phase
  8. The AUF Dehradun RE and his network is coordinating with local administration and higher bureaucracy to ensure that there is no duplicity of efforts


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