00 Design of Mid Term Shelters to be built Across Uttarakhand
Structure of Mid Term Shelter Home

Given below is the model and design of the MTS, prepared by NCPDP, on the basis of which the first sample MTS would be built at HESCO headquarter

CONCEPTUALIZATION STAGE includes the following items.

  • The size of the MTS would be 16’x12’ (192 sft.) and would have ample space to accommodate the kitchen
  • An extra door at rear to facilitate access to toilet-bathroom or extension.
  • Cement pointing of the exterior face of stone walls
  • Mosquito proof three small windows for ventilation and light
  • Small internal divider to separate kitchen area
  • Wall plate with extra stiffening and proper anchoring to wall for enhanced structural stability even in earthquake
  • One additional column for the ridge beam
  • Improved connections between the ridge beam and the timber columns for enhancing structural stiffness and stability against lateral forces of earthquake and wind.
  • Additional 6” height of the walls for better vertical clearance to make a marked improvement in the feeling of space inside the shelter and the occupant’s comfort.



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