00 Amar Ujala Foundation's 'Police ki Pathshala' Enlightens Students on Traffic Rules and Cyber Safety in Banda, Kanpur unit.
PKP in Banda, Kanpur

Amar Ujala Foundation's impactful initiative, "Police ki Pathshala," recently graced the premises of Saint Mary School in Banda, where CO Sadar & Traffic, Jiyaudhin Ahmed, engaged with students on crucial topics of traffic regulations and cyber safety. The interactive session not only educated students about traffic rules but also shed light on the importance of safeguarding oneself from cyber threats. CO Ahmed emphasized the significance of securing social media profiles, cautioning against potential misuse, and provided insights into the merits and demerits of social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This initiative underscores the commitment of law enforcement to educate and empower the youth, ensuring a safer community for all.


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