00 Role Model, Create Discipline for Yourself, This Will Make Your Life Better: CDS General Anil Chauhan

Under the aegis of Amar Ujala Foundation, as part of the 'Atul Maheshwari Chhatravritti' (Scholarship) initiative, CDS Anil Chauhan interacted with promising students.

In a warm and motivational session, Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Anil Chauhan advised students to set discipline for themselves and create role models to improve their lives. Sharing his own experiences, he highlighted that despite coming from a modest background, he made his way to the Sainik School through determination and support.

The event took place at the Campus of General Anil Chauhan home where CDS met and encouraged the students who had won the scholarship. He shared valuable insights and answered the children's questions, urging them to remain focused and dedicated towards their goals.

In an emotional note, CDS General Anil Chauhan shared how meeting the young scholarship recipients brought back memories of his own childhood. He reminisced about the struggles and the support he received which shaped his career. The event was not just a formal interaction but a heartfelt connection between a leader and aspiring young minds.

The ceremony concludes with the reflections of the students who felt motivated and inspired by the interaction with CDS Anil Chauhan. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity provided by Amar Ujala Foundation and vowed to strive towards their ambitions with renewed vigor.


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