00 Atul Maheshwari Chhatravritti 2023 facilitation ceremony

Students who have achieved the Atul Maheshwari Scholarship were honored at a grand ceremony organized by Amar Ujala Foundation. The students met Rajul Maheshwari, Chairman of Amar Ujala Group who encouraged them by saying, "Get to know yourself, expand your knowledge, and give direction to your life."

Life is never easy. Many challenges arise, and the true success of life lies in facing these difficulties. Even when life is tough, one should not despair but rise to face struggles head-on. This was the essence of the guidance given by Rajul Maheshwari, Chairman of the Amar Ujala, to the scholarship-winning students.

The students were taken on an educational tour of PM Sangrahalaya and India Gate in Delhi. Rajul Maheshwari chairman of Amar Ujala met the students and shared his own life experiences, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and perseverance. He highlighted that in difficult times, one should not lose hope but rather strive harder and expand their knowledge to overcome obstacles.

The Amar Ujala Foundation organizes these scholarships for meritorious students who face financial difficulties. The Chairman Rajul Maheshwari inspired the students to work diligently and make the best use of the opportunities presented to them. He urged them to stay committed to their education and use their knowledge to bring positive changes in their lives and society.

The tour of Delhi's historical sites aimed to provide the students with a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage of India. This educational experience was designed to motivate them and instill a sense of pride and determination to achieve their goals despite the challenges they might face.

1. Meeting Rajul Maheshwari Boosted Confidence:

- Students who achieved the Atul Maheshwari Scholarship met with Rajul Maheshwari, Chairman of Amar Ujala. He motivated them by sharing insights about hard work, knowledge, and direction in life.

2. Touring Delhi and Sharing First Experiences:

- The students had an exciting tour of Delhi, which included CDS General Anil Chauhan home, PM Sangrahalaya and India Gate. They shared their new experiences with great enthusiasm.

3. Certificates and Medals Raised Morale:

- The distribution of certificates and medals at the ceremony elevated the students' spirits and motivated them to strive for higher achievements.

The event, organized by Amar Ujala Foundation, not only recognized the achievements of these students but also provided them with a platform to share their experiences and motivate each other. The students left the ceremony with renewed energy and a clear vision for their future.


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