00 Enhancing Road Safety Awareness: Amar Ujala Foundation's "Police ki Pathshala" Initiative

In an effort to bolster community awareness about traffic laws and personal safety, the Amar Ujala Foundation held a "Police ki Pathshala" event at Durga Prasad Vidya Niketan in Gujaini, Kanpur. This initiative is part of a broader outreach by Amar Ujala Foundation where police officials interact with young students, addressing their questions about law enforcement and police procedures.

The gathering was addressed by Traffic Inspector Satendra Kumar, who highlighted common risky behaviors such as driving in the wrong direction and using mobile phones while riding. He emphasized that such practices are major contributors to road accidents and mishaps. "It is essential for everyone, especially young drivers, to understand the danger they pose not just to themselves but to others as well when they disregard traffic rules," said Inspector Kumar.

The session's chief guest, SHO Govind Nagar, Prashant Kumar Mishra, spoke to the students about the significance of adherence to traffic laws. He encouraged the students to be ambassadors of road safety within their families and communities. "Educating the youth on these matters is crucial since they can help communicate these important messages at home, contributing to wider community compliance," Mishra stated.

Furthermore, the program stressed the necessity of wearing helmets, using seat belts, and avoiding underage driving—key measures that can dramatically reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities on the road.

By organizing "Police ki Pathshala," Amar Ujala Foundation aims to create a safer environment for everyone in the community through education and awareness, making roads safer for all users. The initiative is applauded for its direct approach in engaging the youth to foster a generation that respects and adheres to traffic laws, thereby ensuring their own safety and that of others on the road.


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