00 Amar Ujala Foundation Hosts Police ki Pathshala in Meerut with ADG Dhruv Kant Thakur

In a significant community outreach, the Amar Ujala Foundation held a 'Police ki Pathshala' session at RG PG College, where Additional Director General of Police, Dhruv Kant Thakur, was invited to speak to students about the increasing threats of cybercrime and personal safety. Addressing a keen audience, ADG Thakur highlighted the disturbing trend of cyber criminals targeting women through various digital means such as fake IDs, manipulated videos, and photo editing.

ADG Thakur stressed the importance of vigilance on social media platforms and urged women and all students to report any suspicious activities. "Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and we need to be proactive in our approach. Everyone, especially young women, should be extra careful and report any harassment or suspicious behavior immediately," he said. The helpline number 1090 was emphasized as a crucial resource for assistance.

The session also covered broader safety issues, including domestic violence and harassment in public spaces, such as on the way to college. ADG Thakur encouraged everyone, particularly the youth, to "raise your voice for your own safety. If you face harassment, domestic violence, or any form of threat, it is imperative to take swift action and contact the police."

During the event, many students engaged actively, posing questions about how to deal with specific scenarios involving harassment and cyber threats. ADG Thakur responded to each query, providing guidance and reassuring the students of the police's readiness to assist while maintaining the confidentiality of the complainants.

The 'Police ki Pathshala' initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation is part of a broader effort to foster a safer community environment and empower citizens, especially young individuals and women, with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves from emerging societal threats.


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