00 "Police ki Pathshala" Empowers Students with Cyber Safety Awareness in Rath, Hamirpur

In an enlightening session at Saraswati Bal Mandir Inter College, Rath, CO Dilip Singh, under the banner of Amar Ujala Foundation's initiative "Police ki Pathshala", emphasized the significance of obtaining information from authentic sources such as newspapers and books, cautioning students against relying on unverified online content. His address comes at a time when digital literacy and cyber safety are of paramount importance.

During the interactive session, CO Singh explained the complexities of the digital age where both convenience and risks coexist. He stressed the importance of awareness as the primary defense against the evolving tactics of cyber criminals. Additionally, he provided the students with essential helpline numbers for immediate assistance, including UP Police's daily 112 emergency service and the 1090 women's helpline.

Engaging deeply with the students, CO Singh answered various questions, highlighting the legal responses to cybercrime. One pivotal moment was his explanation of the process to report cyber fraud, urging victims to contact the nearest police station or use the 1930 helpline to lodge complaints online.

Further, addressing the concerns about juvenile crime, CO Singh elucidated the legal perspective that individuals under 18 are generally considered to be under undue influence if involved in criminal activities. Rather than imprisonment, they are directed towards rehabilitation in juvenile homes, where counseling is prioritized.

The event not only enhanced the students' understanding of legal and safety measures but also equipped them with the knowledge to navigate the digital world more securely. The "Police ki Pathshala" initiative continues to make significant impacts by fostering an environment of informed and vigilant young citizens.


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