00 Amar Ujala Foundation Hosts Fire Safety Workshop at St. Xavier High School in Fatehpur

In an engaging educational initiative, Amar Ujala Foundation held a ‘Police ki Pathshala’ session focusing on fire safety at St. Xavier High School, Fatehpur. The event featured Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Umesh Gautam, who provided an in-depth session on the mechanisms of fire control and prevention, tailored specifically for students.

CFO Gautam kicked off the session by describing fire as a chemical process that can be understood through the “triangle formula,” which illustrates the three essential elements fire needs to ignite: heat, fuel, and oxygen. He emphasized how disrupting this triangle can effectively prevent or extinguish fires. Gautam demonstrated three primary methods of starving a fire: removing the fuel, cutting off the oxygen supply, and using water to suppress the fire.

During his presentation, Gautam explained the classification of fires into five types—A, B, C, D, and E—each requiring different approaches for control and extinguishment. For instance, Type A fires involve solid combustibles such as wood and can typically be extinguished with water. In contrast, Type B fires involve flammable liquids like petrol and diesel and are best managed with foam.

Further delving into practical safety measures, Gautam demonstrated the use of various fire safety equipments, including fire extinguishers. Students received hands-on experience, particularly in dealing with a gas cylinder fire, which vividly illustrated the importance of quick and appropriate responses in emergency situations.

The event not only educated the students on the practical aspects of fire safety but also underscored the importance of scientific understanding in effective disaster management. CFO Gautam’s interactive approach helped demystify the science behind fire safety techniques, making it accessible and engaging for the students.

By organizing such informative sessions, the Amar Ujala Foundation continues to contribute to the safety education of the community, empowering young individuals with the knowledge and skills to act effectively in emergency situations.


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