00 Amar Ujala Foundation’s ‘Police ki Pathshala’ Focuses on Cybercrime and Drug Awareness

In a significant educational outreach, the Amar Ujala Foundation held a ‘Police ki Pathshala’ program at Kullu Convent Senior Secondary School in Dhalpur, aimed at raising awareness among students about various social issues including cybercrime, drug abuse, and traffic rules. The event featured a series of informative sessions led by IPS Superintendent of Police, Kullu, Dr. Karthikeyan Gokulchandran.

During the program, Dr. Karthikeyan Gokulchandran addressed the students on the dangers associated with cybercrime and the importance of drug prevention. He stressed the need for students to play a proactive role in curbing drug use, highlighting the importance of community cooperation in these efforts. In light of the increasing penetration of digital devices among youth, SP Dr. Gokulchandran also advised the students on the prudent use of mobile phones. He cautioned them about the potential distractions caused by excessive phone usage, suggesting moderation to avoid interference with their studies.

Furthermore, Dr. Gokulchandran’s guidance on not responding to calls from unknown numbers added an important layer of personal safety advice, pertinent in today’s digital age where cyber threats are increasingly common.

The event was not just an educational affair but also an interactive session where students engaged actively, posing questions and expressing their concerns on the discussed topics. The school’s Managing Director, Suresh Kumar, along with the faculty, also participated, underscoring the school’s commitment to fostering a safe and informed student community.

This ‘Police ki Pathshala’ session, one of many such initiatives by the Amar Ujala Foundation, highlighted the critical role of educational institutions and local authorities in nurturing informed and responsible future citizens. The collective efforts of the police, educators, and community leaders in such programs are pivotal in building a resilient society.


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