00 Amar Ujala Foundation’s “Police ki Pathshala” Empowers Gorakhpur Students on Cyber Safety

In an initiative to bolster cyber safety awareness among youth, Amar Ujala Foundation held a “Police ki Pathshala” session at Springer Loretto Girl’s School in Gorakhpur. The event featured a key talk by IPS officer SSP Gorakhpur Anshika Verma, who addressed 150 students on navigating the complexities of internet safety.

During the session, SSP Gorakhpur emphasized the importance of creating robust, unique passwords for online accounts, particularly stressing that passwords should never incorporate easily guessable elements like family names or personal affiliations. She pointed out that using separate email accounts for social media and banking services is crucial, as it minimizes the risk of financial fraud.

“The internet is fraught with potential scams and threats from hackers looking to exploit personal information,” SSP Anshika Verma explained. “Maintaining vigilant privacy practices on social media and other online platforms is essential for protecting oneself from identity theft and online fraud.”

Students engaged actively with the topic, posing questions about various aspects of internet safety. One student inquired about the security of using Google Chrome, to which SSP Verma responded that while Chrome is generally secure, users should enhance their protection by avoiding sharing links and using incognito mode when necessary.

Another student raised concerns about legal recourse if personal information is hacked. SSP Verma reassured them that there are robust laws against hacking and that victims can seek legal action against perpetrators.

The discussion also touched upon academic aspirations, with IPS Verma advising students on how to prepare for competitive exams like the IPS. “Consistency and a structured study timetable are key to success,” she noted, encouraging students to approach their studies methodically.

The “Police ki Pathshala” event not only educated students on crucial internet safety practices but also connected them with law enforcement, fostering a dialogue that extends beyond traditional classroom learning into essential life skills.



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