00 Amar Ujala Foundation’s “Police ki Pathshala” Educates Students on Social Media Safety

To promote awareness and safety among students, Amar Ujala Foundation conducted a “Police ki Pathshala” session at St. James Inter College, Charkhari, Mahoba. The event saw the presence of Chief Guest, CO Charkhari Ravikant Gonda, who engaged with the students in a meaningful interaction.

Highlighting the perils of social media, CO Ravikant Gonda emphasized the importance of being vigilant while using online platforms. He warned students about the rising trend of fake IDs on social media and how they are often used to target girls and women. “Do not make friends through social media, and if you receive calls from unknown numbers, do not share OTPs or any personal information,” he advised, stressing that banks and other institutions do not ask for personal details over the phone.

The police officer also addressed the importance of safety on the roads, urging students to ensure their parents wear helmets while riding. He provided essential emergency contact numbers, including the police helpline (112), women’s helpline (1090), and ambulance services (108), underscoring the importance of being prepared in case of emergencies.

The session was interactive, with students asking numerous questions, which were answered comprehensively by the police officers present. The initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation was lauded for its efforts in educating the youth on crucial aspects of safety and responsibility in today’s digital and fast-paced world.


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