00 IPS Officer SSP Shushil Chandrabhan Addresses the Demerits of Social Media and Digital Safety at Bareilly College

In an enlightening session organized by the Amar Ujala Foundation, students of Bareilly College had the opportunity to interact with IPS officer SSP Shushil Chandrabhan as part of the Police ki Pathshala initiative. The event aimed to educate the youth on the potential risks associated with social media and the importance of digital safety.

During the session, SSP Chandrabhan shed light on the demerits of social media, cautioning students about the dangers of sharing personal content online. He specifically warned about the misuse of apps like Deepfake, which can alter images and videos, leading to the spread of false information. "In an era where digital manipulation is becoming increasingly sophisticated, it's crucial to be mindful of the content you share on social media platforms," he advised.

The SSP also emphasized the need for digital literacy, explaining how open data on social media can be exploited for malicious purposes. He urged students to choose wisely what photos or content they upload, as this can have far-reaching consequences.

Addressing concerns about digital payments, SSP Chandrabhan reassured the students that apps for digital transactions are safe, provided users do not share their UPI pin or password with anyone. "Digital payments are secure, but your safety lies in your own hands," he stated.

The interactive session saw active participation from the students, who posed various questions to the SSP, seeking his insights on digital safety. The event concluded with a message of caution and awareness, encouraging students to navigate the digital world responsibly.



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