00 Empowering Youth: Amar Ujala Foundation's Police ki Pathshala at Hamirpur

In an effort to bridge the gap between the youth and law enforcement, Amar Ujala Foundation organized a Police ki Pathshala session at Government PG College, Kuchecha, Hamirpur. The event saw the participation of Sadar CO Rajesh Kamal, who engaged with students in an informative session.

Addressing the gathering, CO Rajesh Kamal emphasized the importance of providing accurate information to the police in ensuring justice. He reassured the students that the police are always ready to help and that their approach is friendly and supportive. Highlighting the rising concern of cyber security, he cautioned the students against clicking on unknown links and sharing personal information on social media platforms, which are often targeted by fraudsters.

Sadar CO also stressed the significance of emergency helpline numbers, advising the students to always call 112 for police assistance and 1090 for women's helpline in case of any incident. He candidly shared that while the duty of the police is challenging, they are always committed to serving and protecting the public.

The Police ki Pathshala initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation aims to foster a sense of trust and understanding between the police and the younger generation, ensuring a safer and more informed community.


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