00 Amar Ujala Foundation Hosts Comprehensive Health Check-up and Blood Donation Camp in Noida

Amar Ujala Foundation, in a collaborative effort with Bhor Living Humanly Foundation, Dharamshila Rahat Medical Hospital, and Eye Mantra Clinic, organized a comprehensive health check-up and blood donation camp at Century Apartment, Sector-100, Noida. This event aimed to provide essential health services to the local community, ensuring comprehensive medical support and encouraging voluntary blood donation.

The health check-up included a wide range of tests and screenings conducted by experienced medical professionals. Attendees received general health check-ups with a physician, Blood Pressure monitoring, Random Blood Sugar tests, Pulmonary Function Tests, Bone Mineral Density tests, Oral Screenings, Gynecological check-ups, Pap Smear tests (as advisable and applicable), Mammograms (for women above 45 years or earlier if required), Chest X-rays, Vision Tests, Color Blindness Tests, Accurate Specs Power Tests, and Cataract Examinations. These extensive services ensured that participants had access to critical health assessments and early detection of potential health issues.

In addition to the health check-ups, a blood donation camp was also held, which saw enthusiastic participation from the community. A total of 24 individuals donated blood, contributing to the critical need for blood in medical emergencies. Notably, Pawan Yadav, a dedicated blood donor, marked his 75th blood donation, setting an inspiring example for others.

The event was a testament to the power of collaboration among different organizations aiming to enhance community health and wellbeing. The collective effort ensured the provision of comprehensive medical services, promoting preventive healthcare and the importance of regular health check-ups. The blood donation camp further highlighted the spirit of community service and the significant impact of voluntary blood donation in saving lives.

Amar Ujala Foundation, along with its partners, continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving healthcare access and fostering a culture of health awareness and community support through such initiatives.


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