00 Amar Ujala Foundation organised Free Health Camp in Kanpur Dehat

In a community health initiative, Amar Ujala Foundation successfully conducted a free health check-up camp at Karsa Junior School, located in the Sarbankhera block of Kanpur Dehat. The event, which commenced at 10 AM, saw a turnout of 43 local residents who availed themselves of the various health services offered at no cost.

The health camp was staffed by a dedicated team of medical professionals from Ujala Cygnus Kulwanti Hospital, who brought their expertise directly to the villagers’ doorstep. Specialists from MD Path Lab and ASG Eye Clinic were also present, providing comprehensive diagnostic and eye care services, respectively.

This health camp is part of Amar Ujala Foundation’s ongoing commitment to enhance healthcare accessibility in rural areas, where medical facilities are often sparse or out of reach for many. By bringing specialized medical services to these underserved areas, the foundation aims to not only address immediate health needs but also to educate and empower communities about health and wellness.

The event was well-received by the community, with attendees expressing gratitude for the free services that included general health check-ups, eye examinations, and various diagnostic tests. The foundation’s initiative underscores its dedication to improving health outcomes in rural regions by ensuring that quality medical care is accessible to all, regardless of their geographical or economic status.

The Amar Ujala Foundation plans to continue these camps in other rural areas, reflecting their ongoing commitment to health and wellness across the region.


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