00 Amar Ujala Foundation Conducted Free Health Camp in Kanpur

Amar Ujala Foundation continued its commitment to enhancing community health by organizing a free health check-up camp at Teja Devi Inter College, Udaipur, Kanpur District. This initiative, part of the foundation’s ongoing efforts to improve access to healthcare for underprivileged communities, saw 67 locals receiving free medical consultations and services.

The camp was supported by a team of dedicated professionals from Ujala Cygnus Kulwanti Hospital, who provided general health assessments and consultations. Lab technicians from MD Path Lab were present to conduct necessary pathological tests, ensuring a thorough health evaluation for each attendee.

Furthermore, specialists from ASG Eye Clinic offered comprehensive eye examinations, addressing one of the most common yet overlooked health issues in rural areas. The availability of diverse medical services under one roof greatly benefited the participants, who received care that might otherwise be inaccessible due to financial constraints or lack of facilities in their vicinity.

The event not only emphasized the importance of regular health check-ups but also raised awareness about various health issues prevalent in the community. Amar Ujala Foundation’s proactive approach in organizing these camps highlights their dedication to fostering a healthier society by bringing medical services directly to those in need.

As part of their ongoing mission, Amar Ujala Foundation plans to continue organizing similar camps across the region, aiming to cover more areas and assist a larger number of residents. These efforts underscore the foundation’s role as a crucial player in enhancing public health outreach and education in rural India.


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