00 Health Camp Successfully Held in Village Narangpur, Meerut

In an effort to bring essential healthcare services to rural communities, Amar Ujala Foundation in collaboration with Atul Maheshwari Foundation conducted a health camp in Narangpur village, Meerut district. The camp successfully provided medical examinations and free medication to 63 villagers who otherwise have limited access to healthcare services.

The day-long camp was staffed by a team of skilled medical professionals who conducted comprehensive health check-ups. The examinations focused on diagnosing and advising treatment for common rural health issues, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic conditions.

In addition to health check-ups, the camp also distributed free medicines, ensuring that those diagnosed with ailments received the necessary support to commence their treatment immediately. This initiative is part of a broader effort by both foundations to improve health outcomes in underserved regions of Uttar Pradesh.

Amar Ujala Foundation expressed their commitment to continuing such camps, aiming to reach more people in rural areas who are in desperate need of medical services. The camp not only provided essential healthcare but also raised awareness about the importance of regular health check-ups.

Community members expressed gratitude for the timely medical aid and the personal attention they received during the camp. This health camp is one of many that Amar Ujala and Atul Maheshwari Foundations plan to organize, reflecting their ongoing dedication to community welfare and healthcare accessibility.

As these health camps continue, the foundations hope to foster a healthier community, reducing the incidence of untreated medical conditions and improving the overall quality of life in rural areas.



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