00 Health Camp Organized in village Sardhana Rural Area, 85 People Examined

In an effort to provide healthcare services to the rural population, a health camp was organized in the village of Sardhana, located in the Meerut district. The camp was conducted under the auspices of Amar Ujala Foundation and Atul Maheshwari Foundation, known for their philanthropic activities in the region.

The camp witnessed a turnout of 85 villagers who availed the opportunity to get a comprehensive health check-up. A team of dedicated medical professionals and volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that each individual received proper attention and care. The medical examinations included routine check-ups, diagnosis of common ailments, and consultation for any health-related issues faced by the villagers.

In addition to the medical examinations, the camp also provided free medicines to the attendees. This initiative was particularly beneficial for those who struggle to access or afford healthcare services in rural areas.

The health camp is part of a larger effort by Amar Ujala Foundation and Atul Maheshwari Foundation to improve the quality of life for people in rural communities. By addressing the healthcare needs of the villagers, the foundations aim to build a healthier and more resilient community in the Sardhana area.

The organizers expressed their satisfaction with the success of the camp and pledged to continue their efforts in providing essential healthcare services to the underprivileged sections of society. The villagers, on their part, expressed gratitude for the initiative and hoped for more such camps in the future.


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