00 Free Health Check-Up Camp Organized in Ajhota Village, Meerut Dehat

Amar Ujala Foundation, in collaboration with the Atul Maheshwari Foundation, organized a free health check-up camp in Ajhota village, Meerut Dehat. Initiative is to promote health and well-being in rural areas, the event aimed to provide essential medical services to the villagers, many of whom lack access to regular healthcare facilities.

The camp witnessed the participation of 37 villagers who availed themselves of the opportunity to get a comprehensive health check-up. A team of dedicated medical professionals conducted various examinations to assess the health status of the individuals. The check-ups included general health assessments, blood pressure monitoring, and diabetes screening, among others.

In addition to the medical examinations, the camp also provided free medicines to those in need. The initiative was greatly appreciated by the villagers, who expressed their gratitude for the timely medical assistance. The organizers emphasized the importance of such camps in identifying potential health issues early and preventing the escalation of diseases in rural communities.

Amar Ujala Foundation and Atul Maheshwari Foundation have been actively involved in various social welfare activities, and this health camp is a testament to their commitment to improving the quality of life in rural areas. The success of the camp has encouraged the organizers to plan more such events in the future, with the aim of reaching out to more underserved communities and contributing to their well-being.


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