00 Free Health Camp Organized by Amar Ujala Foundation in Fazalganj, Kanpur

Amar Ujala Foundation, in its continuous effort to promote community health, organized a free health camp at the State Bank of India premises in Fazalganj, Kanpur. The camp witnessed the participation of 55 individuals who received comprehensive health check-ups at no cost.

The health camp was supported by a team of dedicated doctors from Ujala Cygnus Kulwanti Hospital, who provided general health assessments and consultations. Additionally, eye care specialists from ASG Eye Clinic were present to offer eye examinations and advice on ocular health.

The initiative is part of Amar Ujala Foundation's commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility for the underprivileged sections of society. The foundation expressed its gratitude to the medical professionals and volunteers who contributed their time and expertise to make the camp a success.

The attendees appreciated the opportunity to receive quality healthcare services, highlighting the importance of such camps in addressing their medical needs. Amar Ujala Foundation plans to continue organizing similar health camps in the future to reach out to more individuals in need of medical assistance.


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