00 Amar Ujala Foundation Initiative: Free Health Check-Up Camp in Kanpur
Healthcamp  in Kanpur

The Amar Ujala Foundation, in collaboration with Baba Namdev Gurudwara in Kanpur, organised a Free Health Check-Up camp at Kidwai Nagar. This noble endeavor saw 150 individuals benefiting from complimentary health screenings, fostering a culture of proactive healthcare in the community. Moreover, the camp witnessed an inspiring act of altruism, with 13 individuals stepping forward to voluntarily donate blood, potentially saving lives in the process.


The event garnered participation from dedicated healthcare professionals, notably doctors from Ujala Kulwanti Hospital in Kanpur, who generously contributed their expertise to ensure the success of the initiative. Their commitment to serving the community exemplifies the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines such collaborative efforts.


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