00 Empowering Differently-Abled: Amar Ujala Foundation's Divyang Mela at KDMA International, Kanpur

In a significant step towards empowering the differently-abled, the Amar Ujala Foundation, in collaboration with KDMA International and the Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), Kanpur, organized a Divyang Mela at KDMA International School in Barra-8, Kanpur. The event was aimed at providing essential assistive devices to differently-abled individuals from three districts: Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, and Unnao.

A total of 165 beneficiaries were provided with a range of free equipment to aid their mobility and improve their quality of life. The distributed items included wheelchairs, CP (Cerebral Palsy) chairs, ear hearing machines, smart phones, battery-operated tricycles, and traditional tricycles. These devices are expected to significantly enhance the independence and self-reliance of the recipients.

The Divyang Mela was well-received by the community, with many expressing gratitude for the support extended to differently-abled individuals. The event also served as a platform for raising awareness about the needs and rights of the differently-abled and highlighted the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in society.

The collaboration between Amar Ujala Foundation, KDMA International, and ALIMCO demonstrates a commendable commitment to social responsibility and the welfare of the differently-abled. Such initiatives are crucial in building a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with disabilities.


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