00 Amar Ujala Foundation Hosts Dental Health Camp for Students in Fatehabad
Dental camp

In a significant community outreach initiative, the Amar Ujala Foundation conducted a dental health camp at the Government Senior Secondary School in Baijalpur, Fatehabad. This event saw enthusiastic participation from 246 students ranging from 8th to 12th classes, who received not only free dental checkups but also complimentary oral hygiene kits including toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The camp was supported by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals from Bansal Multispeciality Hospital, led by Dr. Deepak Bansal. Dr. Bansal and his team engaged with students in impactful discussions about the importance of maintaining dental hygiene. Emphasizing the necessity of regular brushing, Dr. Bansal advised the students to brush their teeth daily to prevent decay. He stressed the importance of cleaning their mouths after meals and even after consuming beverages like coffee or tea.

Dr. Deepak Bansal highlighted the detrimental effects of junk food and sugary drinks on dental health. He pointed out that such dietary choices not only harm one’s teeth but can also lead to other health issues. The camp also included educational sessions where students learned about the adverse impacts of neglecting oral hygiene and the benefits of avoiding foods that contribute to dental diseases.

This dental camp is part of Amar Ujala Foundation’s ongoing efforts to enhance health education and services in underserved communities. By focusing on preventive care and basic hygiene, the Foundation aims to instill lifelong health habits among young individuals, ultimately contributing to the well-being of the community.


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