00 Life-Saving Initiative: Amar Ujala Foundation Hosts Blood Donation Camp in Noida

In a remarkable display of community service and commitment to saving lives, the Amar Ujala Foundation organized a vital blood donation camp at the Sector 34 Community Centre in Noida. This event was held in partnership with the government’s District Joint Hospital, underlining a joint effort to bolster health care resources in the region.

The camp witnessed enthusiastic participation from the local residents of Sector 34, registering 31 potential donors. After thorough health checks by medical professionals, 21 individuals were deemed fit to donate blood. Among the donors, Dharmendar Sharma, the General Secretary of Sector 34, stood out by donating blood for the 40th time. Another notable contributor, Rajendra Nagar, made his 33rd donation.

Medical experts at the camp highlighted the significant impact of each donation, where a single unit of blood can save up to four lives. Thus, the donations from this camp could potentially save up to 84 lives, showcasing the profound effect community-driven health initiatives can have.

The event also saw the presence of the Sector 34 RWA President and General Secretary, who expressed their gratitude towards the Amar Ujala Foundation for orchestrating this life-saving initiative. They praised the foundation for its continual efforts to enhance the well-being of the community through such impactful programs.

The foundation reiterated its commitment to conducting more such camps and encouraged more community members to participate in future events. This camp not only highlights the importance of blood donation but also strengthens community bonds and sets a remarkable example of selflessness and civic responsibility.


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