00 Amar Ujala Foundation and Partners is Conducting a Two-Day Blood Donation Camp in Sitapur

In a remarkable display of community spirit and altruism, Amar Ujala Foundation, along with 28 partner organizations, is organising a two-day blood donation camp at Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School in Sitapur. The event saw an overwhelming response from the public, with more than 200 blood units collected on the first day alone.

The blood donation camp was inaugurated by the respected District Magistrate of Sitapur, Anuj Singh, at 11 am. His presence underscored the importance of the event and encouraged more people to participate in this life-saving initiative. The camp aimed to raise awareness about the critical need for blood donations and to facilitate the process for willing donors.

Participants in the blood donation camp were not only contributing to a noble cause but were also recognized for their generosity. Amar Ujala Foundation provided each donor with a certificate of appreciation and refreshments to acknowledge their selfless act. The gesture was a small token of gratitude for their significant contribution to saving lives.

The overwhelming turnout and the number of blood units collected on the first day of the camp are a testament to the success of the event. It highlights the community’s willingness to come together for a common cause and the impact of collective efforts in addressing critical healthcare needs.

The two-day blood donation camp at Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School is a shining example of how collaboration between organizations and community participation can lead to successful outcomes in public health initiatives. Amar Ujala Foundation and its partners continue to inspire and lead by example, demonstrating the power of unity in making a difference in people’s lives.


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