00 Amar Ujala Foundation's Bal Film Mahotsav Inspires Students in Sitapur

In a bid to educate, motivate, and inspire young minds, the Amar Ujala Foundation organized the Bal Film Mahotsav in three schools located in the Maholi block of Sitapur district. The event took place at the government primary school in Katarganj, the upper primary school in Gulrahia, and the primary school in Gulrahia, reaching a total of 161 students.

The festival showcased films such as "Acchi Aadatein," "Jadui Pencil," and "Gattu ki Samajhdari," each carefully selected to promote positive values like good behavior, honesty, and the importance of reading newspapers among students. The Bal Film Mahotsav is not merely a source of entertainment; it serves as a powerful platform to instill essential life skills and values in the young audience, shaping them into responsible and informed citizens of tomorrow.


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