00 Amar Ujala Foundation's Bal Film Mahotsav Inspires Students in Moradabad

Amar Ujala Foundation organized a unique event, the Bal Film Mahotsav, aimed at educating and inspiring the young minds of Moradabad. The Mahotsav featured films such as "Gattu ki Samajhdari," "Detective Gattu," "Jadui Pencil," and "Acchi Aadatein," each carrying a powerful message about the importance of truthfulness, good behavior, and the habit of reading newspapers daily.

The event was conducted across three different venues on the 27th of March, 2024. The first show took place at the Village Head's Residence in Bilari Rural (Asalatpur), with 15 children in attendance. The second show was held at the Panchayat Bhawan in the same locality, attracting 35 children. The third and final show took place at the Anganwadi Center, with 30 children participating. In total, 80 students from the Development Block Bilari in Moradabad had the opportunity to watch these films.

The impact of the Bal Film Mahotsav was evident in the reactions of the students. The films opened new doors for imagination and creativity, and the students learned valuable lessons about good behavior, the importance of reading newspapers daily, and the necessity of studying hard to achieve their dreams.

Amar Ujala Foundation's initiative is a commendable effort to use the medium of cinema for educational purposes. By selecting films that carry meaningful messages, the foundation has taken a step towards shaping the future of these young minds in a positive direction. The success of the Bal Film Mahotsav in Moradabad is a testament to the power of films as a tool for inspiration and education.



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