00 Bal Film Mahotsav: A Festival of Inspiration and Imagination

Amar Ujala Foundation organized the Bal Film Mahotsav, a children's film festival that aimed to inspire and educate young minds through the power of cinema. The event showcased films such as "Gattu ki Samajhdari," "Detective Gattu," "Jadui Pencil," and "Acchi Aadatein," which conveyed important messages about honesty, good conduct, and the habit of reading newspapers daily.

The festival was held on the 21st of March, 2024, at three different locations in Moradabad. The first show took place at the Madrasa Mohammad Ibrahimpur in the Development Block Bilari, where 16 children were in attendance. The second show was held at the Government Hospital Ground in Mohammad Ibrahimpur, with 14 children participating. The final show took place at the Jama Masjid Ground, also in Mohammad Ibrahimpur, with 20 children in attendance.

In total, 50 students had the opportunity to experience the Bal Film Mahotsav, which not only entertained them but also opened new doors to imagination and inspiration. The festival aimed to motivate and educate the young audience to become better human beings by instilling values of truth, kindness, and curiosity. The initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation has been widely appreciated for its efforts to positively influence the lives of children through the medium of film.


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