00 Amar Ujala Foundation’s Bal Film Mahotsav Inspires Students in Maholi-Sitapur.

Amar Ujala Foundation, renowned for its educational and social initiatives, organized the Bal Film Mahotsav, a film festival aimed at educating and inspiring young minds. The festival showcased a series of films, including “Gattu ki Samajhdari,” “Detective Gattu,” “Jadui Pencil,” and “Acchi Aadatein,” which were carefully selected to impart valuable life lessons to students.

The event kicked off on April 1, 2024, with the first show at the Primary School in Lukataha, Maholi-Sitapur, where 42 eager students were in attendance. The excitement continued with the second show at the Primary School in Pailakisa, Maholi-Sitapur, reaching 41 more students. The final show was held at the Upper Primary School in Pailakisa, Maholi-Sitapur, captivating an audience of 35 students.

In total, 118 students from the Maholi-Sitapur region participated in the Bal Film Mahotsav. The films not only entertained the young audience but also opened doors to new realms of imagination and creativity. More importantly, they emphasized the importance of following the path of righteousness, developing good reading habits, and fostering respectful behavior towards both elders and peers.

The Amar Ujala Foundation’s initiative has been praised for its innovative approach to education and its commitment to nurturing the holistic development of children. By integrating entertainment with essential life lessons, the Bal Film Mahotsav has left a lasting impact on the students, inspiring them to lead lives guided by truth and integrity.


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