00 Girls Should Have Complete Knowledge of Their Rights

Girls and women should have complete knowledge about their rights. It's essential for them to know how to protect themselves in any adverse situation. Addressing a women's rights awareness program organized by Amar Ujala Foundation's initiative Aparajita, the Department of Psychiatry at Medical College, Dr. Kritika Chawla highlighted these points.

Dr. Chawla emphasized that in today's era, girls need to be aware of their rights and should not tolerate any violence against them, even if it is from a family member. She advised that in such cases, one should seek immediate help from the nearest police station or women helpline center. She stressed the importance of self-confidence and suggested that girls should participate in activities that boost their confidence.

She also advised on various measures to increase self-confidence, including the practice of yoga, meditation, and other activities that promote mental health. Dr. Chawla said that it's essential for girls to have knowledge about the legal provisions and emergency helpline numbers for their safety. She concluded by stressing the importance of education and the need for continuous awareness programs to empower girls.

The program included self-defense demonstrations by a martial arts expert, highlighting the significance of self-defense techniques in protecting oneself against physical assaults. The students actively participated in the session and gained valuable insights into how to protect themselves and assert their rights.

The event was part of the 'Aparajita 100 Million Smiles' initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation, aimed at empowering women and girls through various awareness and training programs.


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