00 Amar Ujala Foundation's Aparajita Initiative Empowers Girls with Self-Defense Training

In a significant move to empower young girls, the Amar Ujala Foundation organized its renowned women empowerment initiative, Aparajita, at Sai City Inter College in Fatehpur. The event featured a special guest, national level Taekwondo player Richa Srivastava, who conducted a self-defense training session for the girl students.

During the session, Richa Srivastava emphasized the importance of self-confidence and resilience. "You are capable of handling any crisis," she told the students. "Don’t consider yourself weak. Take the form of Shakti, teach a lesson to the miscreants, and face them boldly." Her words resonated deeply, instilling a sense of empowerment and courage among the students.

Richa demonstrated various Taekwondo techniques, showing the students how they can protect themselves in difficult situations. She stressed that by becoming aware and skilled in self-defense, the girls could also help others in their community. The session was not only practical but also inspiring, as Richa shared her personal journey of winning a gold medal at the national level, which motivated the students to pursue their dreams with determination.

In addition to the self-defense training, essential helpline numbers were provided to the students. These included 1098 for the women helpline, 1090 for the children's helpline, 181 for the cyber helpline, 1930 for assistance, and 112 for emergency police help. This information equipped the students with the necessary resources to seek help in times of need.

The Aparajita initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation continues to play a crucial role in promoting the safety and empowerment of women and girls. By organizing such events, the foundation is not only enhancing the physical safety of young women but also boosting their confidence and readiness to face the world.


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