00 Empowering Young Minds: Amar Ujala Foundation's Aparajita Initiative Inspires at Hamirpur

In a significant move towards women empowerment, the Amar Ujala Foundation organized its esteemed Aparajita initiative at the Government High School in Kuchhechha, Hamirpur. The event featured an inspiring session by Child Protection Officer Dipti Agnihotri, who served as the chief guest.

Addressing a keen audience of young students, Agnihotri emphasized the critical importance of cleanliness and health, especially in the context of a woman's life in contemporary society. She highlighted how, through persistent efforts and awareness, women are soaring to new heights, breaking barriers and challenging societal norms.

During her interaction, Agnihotri focused on the detrimental effects of early marriage, asserting that daughters should not be married before the age of 18. She stressed the essential role of education in empowering young girls to stand up against such practices. "It's important to be educated to oppose this," Agnihotri remarked, urging the students to seek help if they encounter any harm or harassment. "Do not suffer in silence, but rather inform your parents and contact the police. Remember, you can always lodge your complaint on women's helpline numbers like 1098, 181, and 1076, which are toll-free."

The Aparajita initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation aims to foster a sense of responsibility and activism among young women, encouraging them to partake in societal change and contribute to eradicating social evils.


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