00 Amar Ujala Foundation's "Aparajita" Initiative Empowers Girls in Agra

In a significant move to empower young women, the Amar Ujala Foundation organized a self-defense training session under its esteemed women empowerment initiative, Aparajita, at Agra Public School. The event featured Master Pankaj Sharma, a renowned international Taekwondo trainer, who took on the role of both educator and motivator for the girls attending.

During the camp, Master Sharma imparted crucial techniques tailored for self-protection in various threatening scenarios such as chain snatching, and surprise attacks from both the front and behind. He highlighted the strategic points on the human body, knowledge of which could help the girls incapacitate an assailant and gain crucial moments to escape harm.

"Self-defense is not only about physical strength but also about the courage to stand up in adverse conditions," Master Sharma explained to the students. He encouraged them to use everyday objects, from scooter keys to school bags, as potential tools for defense, reinforcing the idea that resourcefulness could significantly turn the tides in their favor.

The session also delved into the psychological aspects of self-defense, teaching students that presence of mind and self-confidence are their greatest allies. "Courage is your most potent weapon in times of trouble," he remarked, a message that resonated deeply with the participants.

This initiative by Amar Ujala Foundation is part of a broader effort to promote safety and empowerment for women across the region. Events like these are vital in equipping young women with not only the skills but also the mindset needed to navigate and thrive in challenging environments.


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