00 Amar Ujala Foundation Boosts Women Empowerment with Aparajita Initiative at Banda School

Amar Ujala Foundation continues to make strides in women empowerment with its Aparajita initiative, this time reaching out to the young girls of Government High School in Badokhar Khurd, Banda District. In a special session organized during the ongoing Navratri festival, martial arts trainer Suman Chauhan was invited to teach self-defense to the school’s female students.

The session focused on equipping the students with the skills and mindset required to defend themselves in adverse situations. Suman Chauhan, an experienced martial arts instructor, emphasized the importance of not succumbing to fear. “Don’t be scared in trouble; fight back as taught,” she advised the students. Her teachings included practical defense maneuvers and strategies to counter physical threats effectively.

Suman Chauhan also drew parallels between the lessons of self-defense and the spirit of Navratri, a festival that honors the divine feminine. “Navratri is not just a celebration of tradition, but it’s a symbol of the strength every woman carries within her. It’s a reminder that with courage, you can defeat any adversity,” she remarked.

The initiative is part of Amar Ujala Foundation’s broader goal to foster confidence and independence among young women. Through such workshops, the foundation hopes to instill a sense of security and self-reliance in the participants, ensuring they have the necessary tools to protect themselves and thrive in any circumstances.

The event received positive feedback from students and educators alike, who appreciated the timely and relevant skills imparted. As the foundation continues its mission, more such empowering events are expected to follow, each aimed at nurturing a generation of strong, capable young women.


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