00 AUF initiates Rehabilitation in Uttarakhand
AUF initiates Rehabilitation in Uttarakhand

Amar Ujala Foundation, HESCO and NCPDP-TARN has laid the foundation to provide Mid Term Shelters to the flood victims of Uttarakhand. In the initial phase we would begin by providing Mid Term Shelters to those who have lost their houses completely in the flood in the areas adjoining Chamoli, Rudraprayag and Uttarkashi.

These Mid Term Shelters would be built utilizing the local material and local labour. In the initial stage 27 Masons from the respective villages have been called for, and are getting trained at the Shuklapur based Hesco center in Dehradun. A few local NGOs who would be coordinating the work at the local level also have been called for this training, namely - Aghaz Federation Chamoli, Jaari Tharali, Grass Foundation Rudraprayag, Hariyali Sanrakshan Prashikshan Evam Vikas Sanstha Kulsari-Chamoli, Swaraj Bahuuddeshyeey Sanstha Rudraprayag.

In this training, a model developed by NCPDP-TARN of around 200 square feet would be constructed in the HESCO campus. In the next phase of this training, these trained head masons would be assisted to build another model in their own respective villages under the supervision of the NGOs working in that village. Therafter around 150 Mid Term Shelters would be constructed for around 20 villages. To know more about our Action Plan and Strategy you can check out -


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